Office Server Deployment

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Starting Price – 200,000Vt

CNS can provide you with a very cost effective office server solution. We support Microsoft Windows or GNU Linux based servers. However, we highly recommend to adopt a GNU Linux based server simply due to it’s inherent superiority in terms of reliability, security, usability and cost.

Our recommended office server solution (SME Server or any other Linux distribution). This provides you with the following:

  • be able to centralise all your data, (per user and shared groups);
  • unlimited amount of users each with their own email account with your own domain name, (groups can also be set-up for e-mail and shared folders);
  • access email fully encrypted for security and privacy from within your private network AND outside when travelling;
  • integrated sophisticated firewall to protect yourself from cyber attacks (Linux is used in many commercial and expensive firewalls);
  • integrated transparent proxy to provide you with added security, faster Internet download and more;
  • centralised monitoring of network and server activitie, (used mainly by CNS staff to prevent and fix problems);
  • virus scanning on the server;
  • free software updates for EVER (based on free open source software); and,
  • much more behind the scene.

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